[Wikibook Cuisine] : La cuisine Ivoirienne racontée dans un Ouvrage

Des ateliers de formations, des chasses et l’image et des excursions culturelles et bien encore. C’est grâce à un ensemble d’activités diverses et collaboratives que les Wikimédiens de la Côte d’ivoire mettront sur pied le premier Wikibook sur la cuisine de leur pays. Une production destinée in fine à l’impression sur support papier. Wikibook de […]

Kumusha in Uganda : Lantern Meet of Poets

Aug 19, 2014
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The Lantern Meet of Poets is a Kampala based community of young writers brought together by the common desire to promote writing and revive the dying literary tradition in Africa. Their dream is to restore to Africa the epoch of great literary legends, preserve and lift African culture as well as discovering, encouraging and inspiring […]

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Wikipedia Zero: free access to Wikipedia on your mobile phone

Volunteer Wikipedians around the world work hard to compile the sum of all human knowledge, to make it freely available to every single person on the planet. For many readers in Africa, the primary (and often only) access to the internet is via mobile. However, mobile data costs are a significant barrier to internet usage. […]

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