Call for applications: Wikipedian Training at #OpenAfrica15

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Call for applications: Wikipedian Training at #OpenAfrica15


The Goethe-Institut Johannesburg and WikiAfrica is proudly hosting the week-long (5 day) #OpenAfrica15 – a Wikipedian in Residence training course – in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The #OpenAfrica15 training is a course for Wikipedians in Residence aimed at supporting and expanding the skill sets of existing Wikipedians across the continent. It will take place at the Goethe-Institut in Johannesburg from the 30th November to the 4th December 2015.

Chosen delegates will be tasked with pre and post course takes that include engaging with content-rich institutions and training and supporting local Wikipedian volunteers. Delegates will be drawn from the following countries: Kenya, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa.

For more on WikiAfrica, please visit

This is a call for applications from Wikip/medians who would like to be instructed in all aspects of Wikipedia and Wikimedia interaction.


The training session will host 8 delegates with the aim of activating them as Wikipedians in Residence from countries across Africa, and South Africa. The training session will take 5 days of intensive introduction to the following subjects:

  • Wikipedia, Wikimedia Projects, and the Wikimedia landscape in Africa,
  • The Open Movement and its impact in Africa,
  • Working with partners to extract citable content,
  • Leveraging networks to build community and aggregate content,
  • Using Wikimedia tools, e.g. GLAM tools, Wikimetrics and Wiki Data,
  • Event planning, marketing and communication for engagement,
  • Project planning, grants, accountability and budgets, and
  • Tracking and metric tools and evaluation.

The expected outcomes will be:

  • Complete immersion in and understanding of the Wikimedia projects.
  • A road map for engagement with local partners, networks and community.
  • The ability to determine the extent of information available in their country and how to draw that information onto Wikipedia.
  • A plan for how to access the needed information effectively and efficiently.
  • A sustainable strategy for the critical evaluation of the information and its sources.
  • Plan the incorporation and expansion of all selected information into the Wikimedia projects.
  • Have a proactive understanding of the economic, legal, and social issues that impact the Open Movement and develop an ethical and legal strategy to engage access and use information in 3-5 countries across Africa.


With these goals in mind, WikiAfrica is looking for applications for delegates to attend. The Wikipedian-in-Residence delegates will be expected to voluntarily do the following pre- and post- course actions in addition to attending the course:

  1. pre-course tasks:
  • research 6 possible partners or opportunities (looking at content contributions to Wikipedia),
  • connect with volunteer group or formal wikimedia user group in country (if not already)
  • enter a minimum of 12 photos to Commons for Wiki Loves Africa
  1. post-course actions
  • to be determined at the course


  • A citizen or resident of Kenya, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire and South Africa with excellent written and spoken English.
  • Experience on Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, or another Wikimedia project.*
  • A member of the local Wikimedia volunteer group, chapter or usergroup (where established).
  • Please note that timelines (detailed below) are tight and cannot be moved.

* Please note: in some cases, non-Wikipedians may be considered, but must show involvement in an aligned open movement.


  • Duration of involvement: 7 months (1 month recourse, 1 week course training and 6 months voluntary work)
  • Remuneration: this is a voluntary position
  • Costs: attendance (travel and accommodation) at the #OpenAfrica15 course will be covered
  • Training Location: Johannesburg, South Africa
  • The contract partner will be the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg, overseen by the WikiAfrica at the Africa Centre.


Interested candidates must apply before 6th November 2015, and their applications should include (in English):

  1. Fill out this Application Form,
  2. Email your CV to; and
  3. Provide an example of a Wikipedia article that you have written and researched.

Deadline: 6th November 2015

Submit your application for the WikiAfrica #OpenAfrica15 Training to Isla Haddow-Flood at by the 6th November 2015.


  • 26th October – Call for Delegates
  • 6th November – final deadline for applications for delegates
  • 9-10th November – interviews with potential delegates
  • 11th November – delegates informed
  • 29th November – meet and greet in Johannesburg
  • 30th November – 4th December – training course


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    I am Writer Koné Seydou, I live on Côté d’Ivoire ans I am intéressée to contribute of thé social développent.


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