Kumusha Bus 2.0: Apply Now!

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Kumusha Bus 2.0: Apply Now!

** Please note, due to the short turn around time, the changes have been made to the delivery schedule for application. In June, Kumusha Bus 1.0 was held in Ethiopia. Abel Asrat, Simeon Oriko and the Kumusha Bus team created an excellent event that has energised the Open landscape in Addis Ababa. It turns out we had a bit of change left over from Kumusha Bus: Ethiopia. So, we’ve decided that we can do it all again! We’re inviting all open advocates from across the continent to pitch to host Kumush Bus. We’ve teamed up with the Wiki Loves Africa contest, so each pitch should include details on how you will incorporate the 2014 photo contest “Wiki Loves Africa Cuisine” into your plan. As the Wiki Loves Africa contest takes place between the 1st October and 30th November, we suggest that you plan your Kumusha Bus activity during late October or November 2014. Here are the timeline, stages and requirements for your pitch: 1. By 29th September: a Letter of Intent. The letter of intent should include:

  • a motivation for your city
  • the lead’s involvement in the open movement
  • Evidence of an Open community (no matter how small, can be just 2 passionate people)
  • a brief idea of what you want to do.

2. After consideration of the letters of intent, a shortlist will be released by 30th September. 3. 6th October is the deadline for the full and final application, that should include:

  • Team with details on responsibilities and Open Movement involvement
  • A detailed budget
  • A list of potentials local partners and sponsors, including how you plan to fundraise for the local contribution.
  • The planned activities and the communities with which you will engage, and a draft schedule
  • What provision will be made to document Kumusha Bus (think photo, video, interviews)
  • A creative pitch that shows us how much you want to host Kumusha Bus.
  • Fill in the form here.

Details on the previous Kumusha Bus can be found at http://www.wikiafrica.net/projects/kumusha-bus/. Kumusha Bus is a remix of Libre Bus (click here for a video in Spanish). It’s designed to ensure collaboration with local members of the open community to have a week of Open Movement chaos and fun that spreads the ideas behind the movement and gets more people and organisations involved in your country. Ideas for your Kumusha Bus pitch can include (but not be limited to) a localised photo bombing to add more images of your country to The Commons, OER (Open Educational Resource) training at a local school, Wikipedia edit-a-thon, citizen journalism training, Creative Commons open mic, or open movie sessions, Net Neutrality and open web, Mozilla Teach the Web.  The possibilities are endless.

  • Submission of letter of intent: 29th September
  • Shortlist of countries: 30th September
  • Submission of final creative pitch: 6th October
  • Top 3 interviews: 8th October
  • Decision: 10th October
  • Kumusha Bus must roll no later than December 1st 2014

Access the application form here. Submit your expression of interest, and the links to your Creative Pitch and the Budget to Kelsey Wiens and Isla Haddow-Flood Kumusha Bus is a project of WikiAfrica at the Africa Centre and Creative Commons South Africa and contributes to the School of Open Africa. It is made possible with funding from the Creative Commons Affiliates Grant.

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