Kumusha in Uganda : Lantern Meet of Poets

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The Lantern Meet of Poets is a Kampala based community of young writers brought together by the common desire to promote writing and revive the dying literary tradition in Africa. Their dream is to restore to Africa the epoch of great literary legends, preserve and lift African culture as well as discovering, encouraging and inspiring young writing talent. Some of the organizations they have worked with in the championing of poetry include The Uganda Commission for UNESCO, Uganda National Cultural Centre, Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development, Bayimba Cultural Foundation, FEMRITE, The Maurice Kirya Experience, Spoken Truth, KEBU, Poetry in Session at Isha’s and Open Mic Kampala.

Given their mission, Lantern Meet of Poets was the perfect group to include in our Kumusha Takes Wiki project !

As Wikipedian in Community, Erina met with them to discuss poetry and how notable poets could get their biography in Wikipedia ! She relates the first meeting in the WikiUganda blog. I guess I will need to ask her explanations about why women should not eat chicken… weird…

In any cases, the result of that first meet is a brand new list of Ugandan poets on the English Wikipedia ! Some already have a small biography. Others… hopefully will be created in the near future !

Great job Erina and thank you Lantern Meet of Poet !

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