Photo Hunt #openafrica14

Photo Hunt #openafrica14

As part of the ongoing Open Advocate Training Course, the trainees were required to go on a photo hunt the previous weekend. According to Erina:

I have to say Saturday 15th February was one of my best days in Cape Town.

The 88 kilometer round-trip journey to Simons Town was on rails. The Cape Town Metro Rail which at peak hours, carries over 2,000 passengers, carried us to the farthest place it can reach away from Cape Town. Travelling at speeds up to 60km/hour, the Metro Rail was a comfortable, yet a fast way of getting us to Claremont, Muizenberg, Fish Hoek, Kalk Bay, and finally, Simons Town.

The goal was to add more images to articles on Wikipedia about the places toured. For instance, Erina added the shot taken of the Claremont Train Station to the Claremont article on Wikipedia.

We took a lot of images during the tour. Follow the #openafrica hashtag on Google+, Facebook or Twitter to see all the images.

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