UPDATE: The #OpenAfrica Toolkits is now in beta stage and can be accessed via http://wikiafrica.net/toolkits/

WikiAfrica is in the process of creating a series of comprehensive multi-media online Open Movement Toolkits. These are specifically designed to support pro-active existing practitioners across Africa who will, in turn, galvanise communities and individuals across Africa via engaging, participatory events.

The toolkits are designed for distribution across Africa. They are tailored in terms of language and localisation to reach the participants of the Open Movement training, with the intention that the toolkits will reach a wide, cross-cultural base. The Open Movement Toolkits are intended to assist many areas of the Open Movement by widening the net of participants. This allows for more traction and investment in the many facets of the Open Movement by people and organisations across Africa. The Toolkits will:

  • Provide clear, concise and easily adoptable and adaptable toolkits for the OM Course and for others to use in their activation activities and training.
  • Be applicable for and easily adapted to all professions, and
  • Be modular in application so that many elements can be chosen to fulfil a specific need.

The first Open Movement Course took place in Cape Town on 10th February 2014. The online version of the course is expected to roll out later in the year. Funding for the development of the Open Movement Course and Toolkits has been provided by Creative Commons and Foundation Orange. Funding for the attendance of the first 5 Open Movement Course delegates has been provided by Foundation Orange and the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development.

Open Movement Course and Toolkits Team:

The Open Movement Toolkits initiative is possible due to the support of:

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WikiAfrica Ethiopia

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