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Initiated by Wikimedia South Africa, and supported by WikiAfrica, WikiIndaba is a proposed 3 day during conference in Johannesburg. It will be a gathering of African Wikimedians and other open knowledge activators who are aligned with the open information sharing mission.

The aim of the conference is to create co-operation and forge links among African Wikimedia chapters and thematic groups through face-to-face meetings and dialogue. It is also to develop the skills of potential user groups, and forge a coherent  policy for Africa-wide activities to support the Wikipedia movement and promote effective engagement with the Wikimedia Foundation. Wiki Indaba will promote Wikipedia’s footprint in Africa.

Africa is currently the geographical region of the world with the lowest Wikipedia coverage. Wiki Indaba is the first regional conference to be held by and for African chapters, user and thematic groups, and individuals in Africa.

The Wiki Indaba Conference will be held from the 19 of June to the 22nd in Johannesburg.

To learn more about the conference, visit the Wiki Indaba website. Read the Wiki Indaba grant application here 

Wikimedia ZA

Wikimedia ZA

Wikimedia South Africa is a Wikimedia chapter for the Republic of South Africa. It is incorporated as a non-profit-making organisation under South African law.


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