Technology-powered education through Open Education

Technology-powered education through Open Education

Open Education is regarded as one of the trend in education around the world. With the rise of online based platforms dedicated to sharing knowledge and making them accessible free of charge, open education is no doubt a key player in how we learn and share knowledge.

Open education is a collective term to describe institutional practices and programmatic initiatives that broaden access to the learning and training traditionally offered through formal education systems. – Wikipedia

In this revolution of how we learn and share knowledge, a South African based organization is pioneering the field of using Open Education to teach millions of children in schools across the nation. Siyavula, the organization behind this innovation, has already entered waters, globally new and making groundbreaking advances in the way we learn and educate.

Basing almost all their publications and contents under the Creative Commons, their works are meant to be as open as possible harnessing the power of sharing and spreading knowledge. Siyavula believes in harnessing technology and openness to revolutionize education and for this, they have and are continuing to make impressive impact and meet tremendous milestones. This goal has been a part of the story behind how Siyavula started.

The delegates of the Open Africa training course at the Africa Centre was at the headquarters of Siyavula in Cape Town for more insight on their work and how they are changing the Open Education approach by putting relevant books in the hands of the lacking. Lead by Kelsey of the Creative Commons for South Africa, who is as well, the course convener, partaking in the presentations of Bridget and Megan of Siyavula was insightful and educative. A lot was learned and as delegates, all resolved to implement the idea in our various countries.

Megan who is a core part of the authoring of the books and working with volunteer professors and teachers in writing and designing the publications shared the overall process with us in details. Bridget, Communications Manager for Siyavula, on her part, explained practical steps she takes in inviting educationists on board to advance books and issues they wish to tackle. These ideas were timely as the delegates will be engaging with others to promote the use of Open Education in research and learning back in their various countries.

Siyavula organized a typical South African braai party for the delegates to climax our day at Siyavula and also gave us the opportunity to get to interact with other staff at the Open Innovations Studios.

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  1. Muhumuza Emmy Medard
    March 31, 2014

    This is a step ahead in promoting Open Movement for Africa for accessing open content to researchers.
    I wish I was among the delegates for this training.
    Am drafting a proposal to establish an Open Institutional Repository at Busitema University in Uganda using the D-Space software


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