Articles Graduate from the WikiAfrica Incubator

The WikiAfrica Incubator is an online portal on Wikipedia that nurtures new articles about Africa. Articles passing through the WikiAfrica Incubator are sure to stay on Wikipedia. This is because, for an article to exit the WikiAfrica Incubator, it should follow recommended writing guidelines of Wikipedia and should have enough content.

Over the next few weeks, many of the 165 articles that have been created by a variety of newbies, will make their way into Wikipedia namespace from the WikiAfrica Incubator. Currently, Rexford Nkansah the new Wikipedian-in-Residence at the Africa Centre is helping to generate more content for the stub articles and migrate the ones that pass English Wikipedia’s writing recommendations.

This week, these articles were moved to the main space:

We would appreciate the support of anyone keen to help to improve the articles on the WikiAfrica Incubator. More migrations are being made, and appear as italicized on the WikiAfrica Incubator page.

The WikiAfrica team also encourages everyone to start new articles that  you think should be added to Wikipedia, but are not currently available. The WikiAfrica Incubator is a soft landing, mentored learning space for all those people wanting to contribute to Wikipedia but needing help to get started.

To receive updates about what articles need help, and how to contribute to Wikipedia, please subscribe to the WikiAfrica Mailing list below.

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