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Erina Mukuta was born in Jinja, Uganda in 1988. She spent her first childhood years in a small village called Kilembe and later moved to Kampala where she completed her secondary and undergraduate studies.

Erina attained a bachelor of science in surveying from Makerere University. She then worked in the Seychelles for one and a half years before moving back to Uganda to work as a GIS analyst. She also went back to start a family.100E5587

Currently in Cape Town to attend a month-long induction program, she is entrusted with running Kumusha Takes Wiki in Uganda. Kumusha Takes Wiki, an initiative of WikiAfrica conceptualised by Isla Haddow-Flood and Florence Devouard is a project that aims at activating communities across Africa to create and contribute freely-licensed information, texts, images and media about their communities (villages, townships, suburbs, inner cities, etc).  Using community journalism, it gathers info that’s relevant to those communities. It also highlights heritage/cultural and geographical info of those communities.

It gives communities online presence that is ‘owned’ and often created by the community. In the process, it ends up giving a voice to communities across Africa, empowering them to share their own histories and, through training, to acquire valuable and transferable skills.

On the Open initiatives, she highlights Open Govt, where volunteers lobby government to make accessible its knowledge. They also act as middlemen, taking the people’s voice back to the government. She also highlighted Mapping Day, an Openstreetmap initiative run by volunteers.  They also offer training to others. Its Partners include Mount Battern, an international network of experienced professional organisational development consultants; and Fruits of Thought, a collection of projects with the common mission to increase a more valuable and practical usage of internet by stimulating sharing information and collaboration within communities.

On the part of government, some of the open initiatives include records from the Uganda Bureau of Statistics which can be accessed online.

A very energetic activist, Erina hopes that someday Uganda will be able to effectively her own voice and that most Ugandans will play a key role in the culture of making knowledge accessible to many.

A dedicated wife, her passions include providing a quality life for her family. She loves dancing and swimming.

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