Since 2011, WikiAfrica has been involved in a number of project. Some of these are still active. Some have drawn to a natural close. Those that are no longer actively being expanded are currently the following:

  • WikiAfrica Incubator – gives new editors and contributors a safe, supported digital environment while they nurture and develop their articles and their skills as Wikipedians;
  • Open Movement Toolkits – based online, these toolkits will assist in building communities of Wikipedia editors, users and contributors and encouraging the implementation of Open Movement interventions across Africa. The toolkits are designed to be used by activists on the ground across the continent;
  • Kumusha Bus – is a 6-day bus tour of a geographic area by Open Movement advocates to educate, train and activate schools, organisations, and individuals as to the many benefits and implications of the Open Movement;
  • Kumusha Takes Wiki – actively encourages people from many different kinds of communities to upload and contribute their knowledge of their home towns, affiliations and passions to Wikipedia, so allowing for multi-layered insight into the diversity of people and experiences across Africa. The project aims to activate a wide variety of communities, whether based on geographic space (village, shanty town, market town, inner city suburb), shared interest group or job function (music, taxi drivers, etc). Kumusha Takes Wiki is currently being piloted in Côte d’Ivoire and Uganda, with the support of Foundation Orange;
  • Share Your Knowledge – encourages, supports and activates the digitisation and upload of information that is housed within the confines of specialist institutions (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums – GLAM) across the continent and beyond. This activity was augmented through the Wikipedian-in-Residence project and one-on-one trainings with institutions. Over a hundred cultural institutions (both in Africa and Europe) submitted their collections and specialist research as part of this project. In 2014, two Wikipedians-in-Residence were activated in Malawi and Ethiopia with the support of the Prince Claus Fund.

WikiAfrica is also a partner in the Wikipedia Primary Project which aims to give African students, teachers and families access on Wikipedia to all the documentation required to obtain a primary school degree in their country, in the language of instruction.

WikiAfrica has been a proud partner of various Wikimedia South Africa Chapter projects, including Wiki Loves MonumentsWiki Indaba and Wikimania Cape Town 2015.

Please note that the above projects are only currently in suspension. Some might be reactivated as and when required. We would encourage other open movement activists to run or expand any of these project, or adaptations of these projects, in their own countries, regions or thematic areas.