Update: Wiki Indaba Conference a Success!

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Update: The Wiki Indaba 2014 Conference, held in Johannesburg, came to an end as a success, as all the outlined goals of the event was achieved. View some of the pictures of the event.

Almost all talks of the event are available to see via the YouTube Channel of the Wikimedia South Africa.

Wiki Indaba Attendees

Wikimedians who attended the Wiki Indaba Conference

Across Africa, many volunteers are dedicated to improving content on Wikipedia and other sister project websites which are backed by the Wikimedia Foundation. As such, more stories from Africa are being shared and added to the world’s most largest online encyclopedia, WiWikiindaba-Cheetahkipedia.

Wiki Indaba, unlike the Wikimania International Conference, is a conference designed for Wikimedians from Africa to come together for a 3 day conference aimed at establishing a sustainable dialogue with collaborators in Wikimedia Chapters, the Wikimedia Foundation and the international communities to frame the issue of community activation and corporate governance in the context of Africa.

More than that, the conference will build a shared understanding of what it means to be a volunteer in Africa and why playing that part is crucial and important. One area the conference will help participants explore is connecting and creating successful initiatives from Wikimedia communities around the continent into worthy community activations and thus support groups in these regions improve the content about Africa from their local communities easily by bringing on board more contributors.

The term “Indaba” comes from a Zulu language word, meaning “business” or “matter”. 

An indaba is an important conference held by the izinDuna (principal men) of the Zulu or Xhosa peoples of South Africa. – Wikipedia Article

Wikimedians across Africa will on the 19th to 22nd of June, 2014, come together to discuss ‘business’ or important ‘matters’ relating to how to engage more communities from the continent of Africa to share and contribute to the project websites of Wikimedia Foundation. Arrangements are currently ongoing as expected.

For up-to-date information on the progress of the conference arrangements, see the official website.

At the end of the conference, the focus of understanding community activation and corporate governance will surely be something attendees going back to their various African countries, hopefully will carry back home.

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